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Hair Loss Laser Solution, 2013 Course



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This course involves a careful examination of cold lasers and how they stimulate natural hair growth through biophotostimulation. Emphases are on the development of basic skills, visualization, and solutionafter identifying types of hair loss. It is an exploratory, first course in how cold laser work to reduce and eliminate hair loss. Trichology Technology courses upon completion of this course are advised but not necessary in being effective in administering treatment to clients who suffer from hair loss. However, it also meets the needs of many hair stylist who have some training as trichologist but have not been introduced to cold laser treatment (LLLT, Low Level Light Therapy).


This is a lecture course in which topics are presented by the instructor, diagrams of the scalp and slides on how LLLT penetrates the scalp and affects the three phases of hair growth. There are explained, and hands on operating the clinical and home cold lasers. Objectives are to leave the student with enough knowledge to began treating their clients who suffer from any form of hair loss but is a first phase to ongoing training to become experts in the field of Laser Therapy. This basic knowledge course therefore assumes no previous experience or training, so the initial emphases are on identifying the different types of hair loss and the use of equipment and basic procedures.

  1. To introduce students to the use of medical cold laser and how they can be used in conjunction
  2. with an all natural internal and topical vitamin.
  3. To introduce students to various types of hair prosthetics that can be worn while receiving cold
  4. laser therapy.
  5. To introduce students to proper consultation procedures that will determine the level of treatment necessary for clients.
  6. To orient students to the doctors we have on staff to give them assistance with any questions their
  7. clients my have concerning the clients current medical condition and the affects cold lasers could
  8. have on it.
  9. To provide students with opportunities to develop basic skills in respect to identifying the many
  10. different types of hair loss.



    Class Cost
Regularly $600
    Reduce Price for Team Building $390

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